Dibbing a toe in the allotment game

Scratching the grow your own itch with an allotment-let


How it started

The dream

At the beginning of the pandemic, my good friend acquired an allotment

Maybe next year..?

They very generously offered me a patch

Harvest goals

I’m now on a little journey to see if, sometime in the near future we can eat something I’ve grown.

Go and see how it’s going…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Try with our vegetables

Our Favourite Recipes

The end of 2021 Report

For a first year, I think this wasn’t too bad, I planted stuff and I harvested stuff. I lost a fair bit to weather critters and absence but that was to be expected. Notably, my absences didn’t seem as terminal as I’d feared. a lot of stuff got on with it without me – cucumbers,…

August/September 2021: Conflict of interests

I have learned over time to manage my expectations in certain scenarios and this allotment game was one of them. I said yes to my friend’s offer of a share of this plot primarily for a legitimate reason to get out of the house during the pandemic lockdown. I was not thinking I was going…

June/July 2021: My first allotment harvests

In the middle of June, I had my first triumphs. Between the garden at home and the plot, we were actually getting some produce. My allotment partners got the first yield as their potatoes started to give up some bounty. I can’t claim any credit for them as I did none of the Herculean digging…

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