June/July 2021: My first allotment harvests

In the middle of June, I had my first triumphs. Between the garden at home and the plot, we were actually getting some produce. My allotment partners got the first yield as their potatoes started to give up some bounty. I can’t claim any credit for them as I did none of the Herculean digging that my friend seems to enjoy. However, they did share their bounty with me and I could take home a bucket full of spuds that lasted us a long time.

At home, I had planted a couple of strawberry plants in a pot and that started to fruit. It’s a small plant and it turned out to be the first of only a handful of fruit in total but this was my first strawberry so I wasn’t disappointed.

This encouraged me no end and I decided I needed more things to grow. I had idly thrown and few pepper and tomato seeds into trays on the kitchen windowsill and to my surprise and delight they sprouted. OK, I know it was ridiculously late but I still marvel that anything I touch grows at all, so I wanted to see what would happen.

The pepper got me excited by producing a single blossom, before the flower fell off, so that was that. I did know now that I could grow a thing from seed so I decided that was something I could try again next year.

I ended up taking the tomato plants to the allotment and planting them there to see if they liked it. It did seem to like its position as it developed into a nice-sized plant. Producing a few decent tomatoes.

The lesson of the month was carrots. I had planted a bunch of carrot seeds in my initial phase and was pleased to see the carrot tops always looking green and healthy. I had however sowed them all together and so I thought it might be a good idea to separate them. I pulled up the bunch revealing some cute little carrot-lets and spread them out.

We would see what the results would be.

Published by Elaine Batiste

I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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