Autumn 2022: Final Harvests

I’m back and miraculously my little plot is still alive! It seems that the drought broke not long after we left and there has been a fair bit of rainfall. I was fully expecting most of my crops to have perished through neglect but it seems Nature had other ideas. I couldn’t quite believe howContinue reading “Autumn 2022: Final Harvests”

August 2022: Parting is such sweet sorrow

4th of August  I just visited the plot for the last time before we were about to go to Italy for 5 weeks, leaving the allotment in the hands of my plot partner. I still managed to plant a last few things before I went as there were some things in the little grow houseContinue reading “August 2022: Parting is such sweet sorrow”

July/August 2022: Everything’s coming up

The first lesson I learned about container planting is that watering can be so deceptive. I’ve been happily watering my containers thinking I’m doing well. then I began to wonder why my 2nd set of carrots wasn’t appearing. Even though I thought I’d really saturated it, I tucked my finger into the soil and justContinue reading “July/August 2022: Everything’s coming up”

Early 2022 – New Year New … Nah!

I’m not very good at new year’s resolutions, so I’m just saying that in 2022, I simply intended to try more. More time at the allotment, more different crops, more learning. That’s about all you can do. In the winter, I don’t yet know what to do with the allotment. It’s obviously mostly maintenance –Continue reading “Early 2022 – New Year New … Nah!”

Spring 2022: it starts to look like something

The sun starts to shine and I start to feel energised again. I was at the plot more and started to get things sorted. My partners had got everything dug and the potato trenches were in place, while my corner of the plot still looked neglected. I had not dug or covered the plot soContinue reading “Spring 2022: it starts to look like something”

April 2021: spring refused to be sprung

I started then neglected this blog last year now I want to try again with the new season. I thought I would still give you what insights I recorded from last year. Last spring was predictably (it is the UK after all), unpredictable. We had a mini-heatwave, and then the weather persistently refused to emulateContinue reading “April 2021: spring refused to be sprung”

It gets worse before it gets better

Spring Twenty twenty one was slow to get going but eventually, we saw some good weather. I did a bit of pottering about and tidying, still not sure what I was doing and without a plan of action. The twigs seemed to be in good nick, they were upright and I’m sure getting ever soContinue reading “It gets worse before it gets better”